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Fancy Dancer
Wolf Cubs
Buffalo 1
Buffalo 2
Flyin' High
Tart 1
Tart 2
Tart 3
Gentle Giant
World Communication
Which Came First?


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I did all of these original paintings with airbrush. I’ve chosen this tool for my canvas work because of the magic that happens when I’m working. Most fine art has required the contact of the artist’s brush to the canvas to create and communicate their emotions. With the airbrush, when using a freehand technique (no masking or paint brush), everything must be transmitted by control and stroke of the equipment. To get a hairline requires incredible concentration and a great deal of faith that everything is working properly. But once my confidence is in place, I’m free to “let it fly”. There’s something magical about the paint being forced by and through the air and hitting exactly (most of the time) where I want it.

At this time reproductions of these images are not yet available (still working out the details). However, if you see something that you would like to have, just contact me via email ( I’ll let you know when they do become available. Each print will be signed and numbered, so when you contact me, I’ll assign a print number to you. When the reproductions are ready, you will receive the numbered print that was assigned to you.

I’ll be adding more paintings to this section as time will allow me to create them.


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