I love racing, everything about it. The preparation, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears, risks and rewards, not to mention the time and money spent by all the people involved who love this sport. It fascinates me!
Over the years, I’ve watched and participated, as an artist, in many forms of motorsports. All of them seem to have the same basic principals and strategies in common. It’s these similarities that form the “Wacky World of Racing” limited edition collection. Each print is based on real life situations that have been “magnified” by my warped sense of humor when I ask myself, “What would happen if...???”
Click on each image to see larger views.

These are LIMITED EDITION PRINTS (only 750 prints of each picture).
Each is signed and numbered, ready for matte and framing.

15" x 20" sepia duotone prints on heavy pastel ivory paper stock
$125.00 per print, or $400.00 for all for 4 prints

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Reproduction Technique

The images as seen on your monitor appear to be brownish in color, the actual prints are in fact a duotone printing process. A black and white photograph, in the printing industry, is referred to as a “halftone” image. In the early days of printing and before we could print full color images, a process was developed taking a black and white image and over printing it with the same negative but using a different color of ink, thus creating a two color image ( or duotone). This method gave an image a different “feel”. We’ve selected this method using black and sienna inks to create a “rustic” image and yet an earthy feel to these humorous racing scenes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How were the paintings made?
A. First I do the concept sketches and transfer them to the illustration board. Next comes the ink line drawing, and finally the wash layers are applied. The softer tones may have 3 to 5 layers of wash color, while the darkest tones will have 20 or more layers. It’s a very slow process.

Q. Will there be more images?
A. YES! I'm working on new ideas, all the time.

Q. So what’s next?
A. The “Wacky World of Golf” limited edition series of 4 paintings should be completed very soon, hopefully in time for the holidays.

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