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Awhile after I left the aerospace world, I got a job at a plastics company. I’d never thought much about how all that plastic stuff we use gets made – you know, like computer parts, car parts, medical thingamajigs – but I was about to find out.

Now if you’ve never seen how injecting molding works, let me be of service. Imagine a giant airbrush that shoots hot, thick paint into a small box of steel that has grooves, holes, and ridges inside of it. After the “thick paint” (people in the biz call it plastic…oh well) cools off a little, the box opens up and the “part” or “product” falls out. You know what I’m talking about, the thing that makes all the money! But what got me was what happens after the job was finished. They clean out the “gun” barrel…whatever, by pushing the leftover residue out, and letting it fall onto the floor, making a big blob!!!!...I was hooked! A couple friends of mine wondered if we could move this stuff around while it was still we did!!

Take a look around, have fun – cause we do! Let us know if you’ve got any questions.

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